Orthopedic Systems Inc.

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Orthopedic Systems Inc. (OSI)

APPLICATION: Machining of Multiple Orthopedic Parts
BACKGROUND: Orthopedic Systems Inc. (OSI) manufactures specialty surgical and imaging tables and over-bed traction equipment—high quality medical systems focused on advanced patient positioning and pressure management.


OSI commonly used workholding techniques such as vises – typically one vise per part – when machining parts on vertical, horizontal and roto-drill CNC machining centers. According to OSI Machine Shop Supervisor, John Zezulka: “The result was that machines tables were only 10% utilized and changeovers were time-consuming. We needed to find a new, more advanced way to hold parts that enabled faster set-ups, multiple parts in the same machining space, and optimal utilization of tables and travel on the CNC center.”


  • Changeover time per machining center was 60-90 minutes.
  • Cycle time (including loading & unloading was 5-8 minutes


Zezulka convinced his senior management team that greater efficiencies – and profits – were attainable by modernizing the OSI machine shop with Jergens tooling and component offerings.


The Jergens Ball Lock Mounting System, preengineered to fit the Haas machine used by OSI, replaced standard vise tooling, enabling machining of multiple parts per load and increasing utilization rates to 75% - 90%, depending upon part and tooling configurations.


  • Changeover time reduced to 1-5 minutes (Improvement: At least one hour per setup)
  • Cycle time reduced to 3-4 minutes (Improvement: 1-4 minutes)
  • Eliminated 50% of previous load/unload time
  • Throughput for the product family decreasedfrom 36 days to 3 days
  • Overtime work was eliminated
  • Outsourced projects were brought back in-house
  • The savings realized from the Ball Lock installation made it possible for OSI to recover the cost of the entire investment within just two months!


ABOVE: OSI's Ball Lock System
OSI has implemented several Ball Lock systems since the initial project, all resulting in productivity increases, decreased downtime, faster setups and changeovers...and of course, improved profitability.

— Jergens Account Manager, K&H Sales, Ed Feifert


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A key advantage for OSI is the manufacturing of multiple parts on one fixture outfitted with the Ball Lock Sysyem.


The application of the Ball Lock System are basically limitless - you're completely free from the design limitations of commom tooling.

— OSI Machine Shop Supervisor, John Zezulka


Jergens Workholding- Ball Lock System

Jergens Workholding- Ball Lock System
ABOVE: Ball Lock locating pin cutaway