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APPLICATION: CNC Machining Center



A Jergens customer replaced an older VMC with a new Mori Seiki. In order to justify the cost, they needed to maximize the time the machine was producing. They purchased the high-speed spindle and high-pressure coolant to help minimize cycle times, but they needed to minimize set-up time too. Set-ups on the old VMC were running between 1-1/2 and 5 hours. The goal was to reduce changeovers to less than half an hour.


Minimizing changeover time requires analyzing the individual tasks required for the set-up and sorting those tasks into 2 categories. Tasks such as pulling and pre-setting tooling can be done while other jobs are running. They don’t require the machine to be idle. Changing procedures to perform set-up tasks while other jobs are running will bring immediate results. Reducing the time required to complete the tasks that must be done while the machine is idle are a greater challenge.



The Jergens Ball Lock™ Mounting System starts with a base or sub-plate, which is “permanently” mounted onto the machine table. One or more patterns of precision bushings are located in the plate. Vises and/or custom fixture plates are attached to the sub-plate using Jergens Ball Lock™ Shanks. The shanks pass through precision bushings in the fixture plate and into precision bushings in the sub-plate. The ground shanks and bushings locate the fixture just as conventional locating pins would. However, the shanks also hold the plates together with an internal clamping mechanism. The Jergens Ball Lock™ System allows fixtures to be exchanged quickly, while providing accurate repeatable location…within .0005”. To change fixtures, the operator loosens a setscrew in each of the four shanks, removes the shanks, exchanges the fixtures, replaces the shanks, and tightens the setscrews. No indicating or other adjustments are necessary.


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Changeover times now run between 10 and 30 minutes, thanks to the Ball Lock Mounting System..


Jergens Workholding- Ball Lock System

Jergens Workholding- Ball Lock System
ABOVE: Ball Lock locating pin cutaway